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Bee Hotels

So you’re spending time in your own home, but ever thought of building a home for some of your native bees? Lots of Australia’s native […]

Fractured Fairytales

There are lots of Fairy Tales from around the world, but what would have happened if the story was just a little bit different? What […]

Rube Goldberg Machine

You might be wondering what a Rube Goldberg Machine is. Basically, it is a series of steps to solve a simple task in the most […]

Building a Budget

Do you have something you want to save for? Or maybe just want to be a bit more responsible with your money? Then budgeting is […]

Helping your Group during the pandemic

Dear Scouting colleagues, Greeting from Scouts NSW! First, my thanks to the many Leaders who are showing amazing resilience and creativity during these challenging times. […]

Potato Printing

Ever tried to make your own stamp? Do you have a design you want to see come to life? Then Potato printing is the thing […]


Doing your part to make the world a better place starts at home. Is your house sustainable? Plan What actions do you already do to […]

Create a Picture Book

Got a short story you want to illustrate? Why not create a picture book. Plan What is your story? What materials do you need? How […]

Design your own Sport

Ever had an idea for a game and want to bring it to life? Plan What are the rules of the game? What equipment do […]