Scouts NSW Culture Steering Committee and Working Groups confirmed

The Culture Steering Committee has been confirmed as: Bel Francis (DCC – Growth, Strategies and Group Support), Elston Hynd (National Commissioner Adult Training and Development), Deborah Howlett (Chairperson – Greater Western Sydney Region) and Michael Pratt (Leader – Hunter and Coastal).

This group of considered, experienced people will lead some excellent decisions and set the direction for the new positive and enabling culture for Scouts NSW. The Steering Committee will drive the Culture Taskforce, which involves two Working Groups: the first will focus on organisational culture, the other will focus on cultural diversity and inclusion.

Organisational Culture Working Group

This Group will focus on investigating and identifying areas within the organisational culture of Scouts NSW which impact our cultural goal, and will prioritise actions or initiatives to support the implementation of changes. Its role is to investigate the elements of our culture and provide recommendations to the Steering Committee for how we can develop our positive and enabling culture for our membership.

It will focus on: language and communication, health and wellbeing, flexibility and work-life balance, behaviour and courtesies, relationships between uniformed members and with non-uniformed members, open door policies, operating rhythm, values and ideals, team charters, and traditions and ceremonies.

Diversity and Inclusion Working Group

To successfully increase our diversity and be more inclusive, we must prioritise how we reach out to and welcome new members from the many diverse groups in NSW, and, most importantly, how we make sure Scouts NSW is ready and capable of responding the needs of current and new diverse groups. To assist us to do this, we have re-formed the Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Working Group so that their focus will be to consider, prioritise and advise the Culture Steering Committee on all elements of diversity and inclusion.

The D&I Working Group will focus on: faith and spirituality, multiculturalism, disability and accessibility, mental health, gender, family and domestic violence, indigenous, sexuality diverse, special diets and intolerances, transgender and intersex, generational and mature age, financial challenges, single parent families, non-English speaking, homeless and between homes, and migrant and new Australians.

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