The New Face of e-Learning

Web Layout e learning

On 1 February 2017, Scouts Australia launched a major upgrade to the Scouts Australia e-Learning platform and content. This fresh new look is more user friendly and incorporates functionality that allows you to track your progress.
The update also launches Training for Youth Members that makes the Basic Outdoor Skills curriculum accessible to youth, and provides them with a learning pathway which can contribute towards nationally recognised qualifications in Outdoor Recreation.

The key changes are:

  • A more contemporary Web skin for e-Learning, to improve the clarity of information about module progress and completion.

Web Layout e learning

  • Specific ability to track progress, review, see the underlying PDF’s and or download for review later:
Child Safety screenshot Basic Leadership screenshot
  • A new “Training for Youth Members” curriculum, which includes all of the new and existing Outdoor Activity modules for easy access.

youth training

  • 7 new modules to support the Basic Outdoor Skills Course and Adventurous Activities Training
  • Both Basic Outdoor Skills Course and Adventurous Activities Training:
    • AA GUIDE – Plan and Guide Outdoor Activities
    • AA IMPACT – Minimal Environmental Impact Practices
    • AA WEATHER – Interpreting Weather
    • AA GROUP – Group Facilitation
    • AA EMERG A – Responding to Emergencies
  • Adventurous Activities Training only:
    • AA EMERG B – Coordinating Emergency Response
    • AA SAFETY – Safe Practices in Scouting
  • 2 updated modules to support the Basic Outdoor Skills Course and Adventurous Activities Training
    • WHS for Scouting
    • Basic ScoutSafe
  • Addition of short tests in each of these new and updated modules to provide a check for understanding at the end of the module.

Each of these modules are now live and can be completed by members.


If you have any questions please contact the Scouts NSW Training Department or (02) 9735 9000.

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