The Value of Volunteering

In Scouts NSW we are incredibly grateful for the over 4,500 adult volunteers who give up their time to support the delivery of Scouting to our youth members across the State. Whether they are involved at the grassroots level as a trained Leader, a member of a Group Committee or an Adult Helper who contributes their skills to their local Scout Group, each volunteer plays a special role in making Scouts the Youth Leading, Adult Supporting, organisation we strive to be.

While we know that volunteering has many benefits for our Movement and the thousands of children and young people who participate, many people don’t think about the personal and social benefits that come along with reaching out and giving their time.

Below is why volunteering is so valuable – not only to individuals, but to society as a whole.

The Value of Volunteering to the Individual

New Experiences

There’s nothing like the buzz of adventure, exploring possibilities and doing surprising new things. Scouting volunteers often find themselves trying different activities, visiting new places and meeting new people. Through these experiences, volunteers develop skills that enable them to do amazing things beyond Scouting.

 New Skills

Working with young people gives volunteers the opportunity to develop a range of skills that can be applied to both work and life. This includes leadership and teamwork skills, learning to support and manage, discovering hidden talents like fundraising and event management, and developing administrative skills.

The Feel-Good Factor

Many of our volunteers tell us that they get more out of Scouting than they put in. This sense of satisfaction often comes from helping young people to face new challenges and learn to overcome them.

Career Opportunities

Volunteering connects people to career paths and labour markets that are better paid and more stable. A survey of the U.K.’s leading businesses found that they prefer employees who volunteer as it suggests that the person is someone who joins in, takes the lead, is supportive and can build successful relationships. All these qualities are valuable in the workplace and are prized and sought after by employers.

The Value of Volunteering to Society

Volunteering ensures the ongoing delivery of a range of important services in our community and provides a positive impact on the lives of others. In fact, formal volunteering is estimated to contribute $200 billion a year to the Australian economy, with 5.8 million Australians or 31% of the population volunteering in every section of society including, but not limited to education, emergency services, sport and recreation, arts and heritage as well as the social services. The far-reaching contribution volunteering makes builds strong and resilient Australian communities.

Scouting is a voyage of discovery for everyone. It offers a volunteering opportunity for all adults, no matter how much time they have, or how much Scouting experience they do (or don’t) have. If you are interested in getting involved with Scouts as a volunteer, you can learn more here.

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