Super Holiday Challenge

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Are you up for the challenge?

This Super Holiday Challenge is designed to get you out, about and active these summer holidays! Work as a team to meet a greater goal to 'step across' NSW!

The Challenge

'Walk' from the east coast to the western border of NSW these summer holidays!

It's 1,500 kilometres from Cape Byron, the easternmost point of NSW, to Silverton, on the NSW/South Australian border on the west. Assemble a Project Patrol and work as a team to walk, bike, hike and/or skip 1,500 kilometres over the summer holidays, symbolising the east coast to the western border of NSW!

  1. Assemble your Project Patrol.
  2. Download and print off a copy of your kilometre tracker.
  3. Plan how, as a team, you will meet the kilometre goal.
  4. Walk, bike, hike, skip (anything except drive!) as much as you can over the holidays.
  5. Log your collective progress as a team by colouring in your kilometre tracker.
  6. At the end of the summer holidays, submit your tracker.

Each team that completes the Super Holiday Challenge will be awarded a special edition badge!

Feature of the Week