How do we clean surfaces at Scout properties?

  • Cleaning is to take place before and after every meeting to help prevent spread from one group of participants to another.
  • Handrail, switches, door knobs and other high use surfaces should be wiped clean with a detergent solution. Take care when cleaning on or around electrical equipment/fittings – isolate electrical equipment and turn off power source if possible before cleaning
  • Cleaning with detergent and water is usually sufficient for routine cleaning however when there has been a high volume of people touching the surface, follow up by disinfection using a dilute bleach solution or other hospital grade disinfectant. Note: Disinfectants require sufficient contact time to be effective at killing viruses. If no time is specified, the disinfectant should be left for ten minutes before removing. Ensure disinfectants are stored where no small children are likely to access them.
  • Floors, bathrooms and kitchens should also be cleaned frequently depending on use (at a minimum weekly).
  • Cleaning products should be stored safely in containers that are intended for the purpose and properly labelled.
  • Safety Data Sheets for Cleaning products should be displayed. Cleaners should follow manufacturer’s instructions when using the product e.g. wear gloves and wash hands after cleaning.
  • A cleaning sign-off sheet should be displayed to record cleaning completion and frequency.
  • If there are additional cleaning costs, consider how you will cover these and possibly share costs with hirers (more guidance will be provided separately about liaising with hirers about COVID-19 plans).
  • Cleaning and disinfection must also be undertaken after a person with a confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19. More information can be provided to you when you report the matter using the Scouts NSW WHS incident report form.
  • Safe Work Australia has issued a useful one page CHECKLIST: Cleaning and a printable pack on cleaning during COVID-19.

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