How does the Active Kids rebate work for people who want to join Scouts?

New members who join Scouts will have both Active Kids vouchers applied to your membership costs and one-off joining fee. The vouchers can be submitted by prospective members even if you haven’t attended a Group meeting or are yet to be registered as members. Upon submission, vouchers cannot be officially processed until you’ve completed a Y1 form and have been Approved by the Group Leader or Leader In Charge. At that time the value of the vouchers will be credited to your membership fee.

Active Kids vouchers cannot be used to back-pay membership term fees. Depending on when in the year you redeem your voucher and register your child you may have to pay a term fee out of pocket.

Individual Groups may charge a Group fee to help offset the cost of activities and supplies. This Group fee is not covered by the Active Kids Rebate voucher and could result in out-of-pocket costs.

If you have questions or concerns about using your voucher in the most efficient manner, please contact Scouts NSW Member Services team at

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