How does the process cater for Active Kids vouchers?

If people have redeemed their first Active Kids voucher for use for Scouts, any remaining credit will appear against their July invoice.

Parents are encouraged to then download their second voucher as soon as it is available from Service NSW (from July), and choose to use it for Scouts. Once they have their voucher number they will need to redeem it here, and it will then be applied against their October invoice. This option will be available until 15th September 2021.

From 1st October 2021, members who are eligible for the NSW Government’s Active Kids rebate vouchers will be able to redeem their vouchers with Scouts NSW directly via the payment gateway, and have these directly applied to their State Membership Fee.

An example: if the Q3/4 outstanding amounts were $120, when prompted to select a payment option, the member’s parent will be able to select ‘Active Kids voucher’ and enter their Active Kids voucher details (voucher number and child’s date of birth). The system will then verify the voucher with Service NSW and the $100 balance will be applied as a payment to their State Membership Fee. The member’s parent will then be prompted to enter their credit card/debit card details to authorise a $20 charge.