Is there a limit to the number of people we can have at an indoor or outdoor activity?

As of 23 July, under the public health orders, a maximum of 20 people are allowed to gather outside in a public place. Inside community halls, sessions can be run with a maximum of 20 participants (plus the instructor or facilitator and any assistants) and up to the maximum allowed under the 4psm rule. Therefore, Scouts NSW provides the following guidance for Leaders.

Outdoor Scouting activities may be run with no more than 20 participants (adults and youth inclusive).   Scout Groups shall apply this rule when outdoors in public places, as well as the yard of the Scout Hall.

Where there are more than 20 members, the Leader will need to split the group into smaller groups i.e.patrols to run their activities.  The activities must be entirely physically separate for the duration of the session.  This helps limit the number of people at risk of exposure.

Individuals from one smaller group or Patrol should be instructed to not mingle with individuals from the other small group or Patrol for the entire session.  Leaders should select members of patrols with this in mind to help prevent mingling. There must be enough Leaders and other adults to provide adequate supervision. Similarly, where  the activity involves equipment, the equipment must not be shared from one group or Patrol to another.

Indoor Scouting activities should be run with no more than 20 participants (plus the adults necessary to run the session), up to the maximum allowed in the hall as per the COVID-19 Safety plan.

For example:  Your hall allows 16 people under the 4psm rule, you may only have 16 people in total (adults and youth inclusive).

For Example: Your Hall allows for 25 people under the 4psm rule, you may have up to a total of 20 participants and then a up to a maximum of 5 other adults/Leaders who are assisting with the delivery of the program/activity.

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