Q: I am changing Sections and I hold a Certificate of Adult Leadership (COAL). Do I need to re-train?

A: You will not need to complete the Scouting Essentials Face-to-Face course or the Scouting Preliminary and Essentials On Demand modules, but if you haven’t completed these On Demand modules, we highly recommend that you complete these as they do cover the new Youth Program and you will be keeping up to date.

If you are a Joey or Cub Scout Leader transitioning to the Scout section and upwards, you will be required to complete the Scouting Adventure On-Demand modules and Face to Face.

To transition to your new section, you need to complete is the On-the-Job Plan, the On-the-Job Do and submit your A3 Transfer of Adult Appointment to your Region Office.

You will also need to continue with your journey towards The Wood Badge by completing the On-Demand module and Face to Face for Scouting Leadership.

If you would like to find out more, please visit our Scouts NSW page or contact us at training@nsw.scouts.com.au.