What can our formation be doing now, to prepare for a return to indoor or activities (whenever that is allowed)?

Groups and Rover Units can start preparing to resume once restrictions are lifted by:

  • Having hand sanitiser stations at entry and exit points in your Halls.
  • Stocking bathrooms with hand wash, paper towels and bins.
  • Measuring the dimensions of your Scout Hall to determine the maximum occupants based on the 1 person per 4 square metre rule. The calculation includes youths.
  • Displaying posters with instructions on how to help stop the spread of viruses. Refer to the buttons on the right hand side of this page for resources.
  • Agreeing how you will accommodate additional and regular cleaning of items such as door handles and other high use surfaces. Refer to the Cleaning Scout Properties Advice for resources.
  • Work out how you’ll organise attendance records to manage contact tracing.
  • Work out what you’ll do if a confirmed case is reported from one of your volunteers or youth members.

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