What do I need to do in preparation for the AGM?

We acknowledge that an online AGM will be a very different experience for us all, so preparation is key!

Here are some ways you can ensure your participation in this year’s AGM is smooth sailing.

  1. Submit your RSVP.
  2. Make sure you have activated your Scouts NSW email address (if applicable).
  3. Make sure you have downloaded and installed Microsoft Teams on the device you will use to join the AGM – whether it is on your computer, tablet or mobile phone. Here’s how you can download and install the app.
  4. Check that you have a working Internet connection on the device you will use to join the AGM.
  5. Test the AGM event live link a few days prior to the event. This will be sent to you via the email you provided in your RSVP. Click on the link and make sure it opens up in Microsoft Teams. As the event hasn’t started, you will see the message below “The live event has not yet started.”


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