What if I’ve already redeemed my child’s first Active Kids voucher with Scouts, and want to redeem the second one with Scouts too?

When accessing the payment gateway, you will see the $140 payable amount ($240 State Membership Fee minus the $100 AKR credit).

You will then be presented with two options to pay the balance:

1. Pay the remaining $140 payable amount upfront using a credit card or debit card, and
2. Opt into a payment plan, which would allow you to use your child’s second Active Kids voucher.

To use your child’s Active Kids voucher 2, you should select option 2. You will then be prompted to enter your credit card/debit card details to authorise a $40 charge to cover the difference between the State Membership Fee and the two Active Kids rebate vouchers. A confirmation message will appear on your screen displaying the successful transaction, and the $100 remaining balance.

After 1 July, you will be able to claim your child’s Active Kids voucher 2 with Service NSW and access the payment gateway to redeem it with Scouts, therefore covering the remaining $100 amount.

If you have not done this 30 days before the 1 October payment instalment date, you will receive a reminder email to access the payment gateway to enter your child’s Active Kids voucher 2 details.

If this has not been done by 1 October, the remaining $100 amount will be automatically charged from your nominated credit card/debit card.