What Scouting activities can we run right now?

Currently, as restrictions are gradually relaxed by the NSW Government, Scout Formations across NSW may run limited face-to-face activities.  The allowances listed below are subject to change – especially if the government announced new public health orders and begins to reinstate restrictions. Leaders should monitor the latest public health announcements in the lead up to holding activities.

Outdoor activities may be run in the Scout Hall ground or in a public place under certain conditions as outlined in the Self-Assessment Checklist for Formations Returning to Outdoor Activities. Group leaders should submit the checklist online here.

Indoor activities may be run in Scout Halls, Rover Dens and Training Rooms under certain conditions. Prior to resuming any activity in the Scout Hall, the Group Leader (or their delegate) must follow these steps:

  1. Download the COVID-19 SAFE PLAN for SCOUT HALLS GUIDANCE DOCUMENT and meet virtually to discuss with the section leaders. Once all matters are agreed, proceed to step 2.
  2. Group Leader (or their delegate) will submit a COVID-19 SAFE PLAN for SCOUT HALL and await approval from their Region Commissioner (or their delegate).
  3. Once you receive approval, you may resume activities in the Scout Hall although you will need to monitor for any future changes.
  4. Your approved COVID-19 SAFE PLAN for your SCOUT HALL will authorise you also to run day time outdoor activities as long as you run the activities within the applicable requirements for outdoors.

Region Activity Teams may hold day activities after developing a written COVID-19 Management plan and making the necessary modifications to mitigate risk. The template OCA Compiling a COVID-19 Management Plan may be used for documenting the plan. Other useful references for running safe activities are:

Campsites and Activity Centres and may accept overnight guests once they have met certain conditions and have the necessary approval for their COVID-19 Safety Plan. Region campsite or activity centre managers can contact their Region Commissioner to obtain a copy of the Guidelines for Campsites and Activity Centres to lodge their COVID-19 Safety Plan. We appreciate that not all camps and activities will re-open in the short term – so if groups are planning and overnight activity, they should liaise with the site manager to understand the anticipated date for re-opening and the booking policy. Leaders holding overnight group stays at Activity Centres or in tents should read the separate more detailed Q&A provided for holding overnight activities.

Meetings in the hall with adult members or parents: Modest gatherings can be held in the Scout Hall or outdoors with parents and/or other adults however all apply the conditions outlined in the COVD-19 SAFE plans apply. Notably:

  • 1 person per 4sqm – this includes youth so plan carefully before you extend the invitation
  • Don’t allow the number of attendees to exceed the hall capacity.
  • Parents should be stationary observers only – no interaction
  • No food service

Camping in tents can recommence under modified conditions such as the application of physical distancing requirements in tents, washing, sanitation and restrictions around the service of food. Leaders holding overnight group stays in tents should read the separate more detailed Q&A regarding holding overnight activities.

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