What to do when you arrive at State Rally

When you arrive at State Rally, the Patrol Leader will need to confirm the Patrol registrations at the check-in tables, and advise the registration Leaders of any last-minute changes.

When your Patrol registers at the check-in area, the Patrol Leader will be given a lanyard with a timetable printed on the back.

After you have been issued with your PL Information, you will be directed to your RAC where you will be allocated a camping area and asked to pitch your tent. As State Rally is a light weight camp you may be randomly selected for a weigh-in with your pack to check you are not carrying too much gear.

Please eat dinner before you arrive as there will be no facilities available on Friday night, and lots of people will be setting up camp.

On Saturday night, after dinner there is a choice of activities for you to do.  Night Activities may include a disco, movie, campfire and a high energy activity such as rock wall, horizontal bungee or obstacle course.  The activities have been put on by the recommendations of the NSW State Scout Youth Council.  Each Scout can choose what activities they want to do.  The Patrols do not need to all do the same activities.

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