Unused Active Kids credits to be allocated to support Scouts in genuine need

Over 5,000 Active Kids rebate vouchers have been redeemed with Scouts NSW since the NSW Government’s Active Kids program began on 31 January 2018. Every $100 Active Kids voucher redeemed has gone towards covering Scouts NSW membership fees, giving families already involved in Scouts the opportunity to continue their Scouting adventures, while opening the door for other families to become involved and enjoy the healthy lifestyle Scouts endorses.

There are some instances where the full rebate amount has not been used. The resignation of a small percentage of members from Scouting has left unused Active Kids rebate credits in need for re-distribution.

The Scouts NSW Active Kids Project Steering Committee thoughtfully considered all options to address the distribution of these unused Active Kids rebate credits. After careful consideration, the Project Steering Committee has decided that all unused Active Kids rebate credits will be disbursed to the Scouts NSW Family Support Fund to assist current and prospective youth members and young Leaders with the cost of Scouting.

The Scouts NSW Active Kids Project Steering Committee consulted with the Office of Sport and confirmed the decision is within the Program’s operating requirements.

Assistance provided through the Family Support Fund is available to families, youth and young Leaders in genuine need of financial assistance from any Group in NSW. The decision to disburse unused Active Kids rebate credits to the Family Support Fund reflects the goals of both programs to support young people across the State to become fully involved in Scouting and enjoy the lifelong skills and development opportunities it provides.

For more information about Active Kids, please visit: https://www.nsw.scouts.com.au/activekids/

For more information about the Family Support Fund, please visit: https://www.nsw.scouts.com.au/familysupportfund/

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