Young Leader Development Program

About the Young Leader Development Program

The Scouts NSW Young Leader Development Program is a simple and rewarding 12-month scholarship program for young people aged 17-25. The Young Leader Development Program offers current Rovers and Venturers, as well as new members, the chance to gain valuable leadership and management skills to take with you into the future.

In the Young Leader Development Program, we put you in control – you decide your pathway, you decide your level of training and you decide what section you become a leader in. Participants will complete online E-Learning modules, in-service training and attend residential weekend events.

This unique program gives participants a chance to receive a Certificate of Adult Leadership and an optional Certificate III in Outside Recreation. For those who want to take their leadership skills to the next level, the Young Leaders Development Program also offers optional leadership training in an Adventurous Activity such as bushwalking or water activities, after the initial 12-month program.

Pick Your Pathway

The Young Leader Development program offers you the choice between two pathways to complete the course - individually or as part of a team.

Individual Pathway – Go Solo

Go Solo is ideal for individuals who work better independently and prefer to complete their training at their own pace.

Team Pathway - Join the Class of 2020

The Class of 2020 is ideal for individuals who are interested in completing their training with a friend, and who enjoy working with other people.

To learn more about the YLDP pathways, click here.

Select a Section

The Young Leader Development Program gives you the option to choose which Section you would like to become a Leader in. The Section you select will determine the type of training you will be required to complete and the number of residential weekend events you will be required to attend.

Embark on Your Journey

The Young Leader Development Program gives you the option to choose the level of leadership training you would like to receive.

Base Journey

All participants are required to complete the 12-month Base Journey training, incorporating online eLearning modules, residential weekends and in-service training. At completion of the Base Journey, participants will receive a Certificate of Adult Leadership in their chosen Section.

Great Outdoors Journey

The Great Outdoors Journey is available for participants who aim to attain a nationally recognised Certificate III in Outdoor Recreation. This journey will see participants complete their Base Journey training as well as Great Outdoors Journey training simultaneously over a 12-month period.

Adventure Journey

The Adventure Journey training is available for participants wishing to attain a leadership qualification in a specific Adventurous Activity. Adventure Journey training takes place after the 12-month Base Journey training. Qualifications are offered in a range of areas including bush walking, water activities and more.

To learn more about the different YLDP journeys, click here.

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