Course Structure

A Scholarship Program for Young Leaders

In the Young Leader Development Program, participants are in control of their training. Participants decide their pathway, the level of training they would like to complete, and the type of Section Leader they would like to become.

Step 1: Pick Your Pathway

The Young Leader Development Program is designed to accommodate different learning styles, offering participants the choice of completing the program individually or as part of a team.

Individual Pathway – Go Solo

Go Solo allows participants to complete the theory component of the course individually through online e-Learning modules. After completing the e-Learning modules, participants are required to attend residential training weekends alongside other members also working through their leadership training program.

The individual pathway will suit you if you:

  • Are a student or someone with a busy schedule who has less time to commit to team training courses.
  • Prefer to complete the online e-Learning modules by yourself at home, at your own pace
  • Have access to the internet or a computer or tablet to complete the online e-Learning modules
  • Work better independently
  • Are a self-motivated and organised individual

Team Pathway via Facebook - Join the Class of 2020

A team pathway deal for individuals who are interested in completing their training with a friend, or two, and who enjoy working with other people. You can work alongside other YLDP participants to complete your online training. You can join our Facebook community to discuss and help each other with the e-Learning modules, as well as organising team residential weekends with other participants.

The team pathway will suit you if you:

  • Are enrolling in the program with a friend or peer
  • Prefer to complete the online e-Learning in a group setting
  • Enjoy participating in online group discussions
  • Work better in smaller groups where others motivate you
  • Need to be motivated by a buddy or others to complete your training

Step 2: Select Your Section

The Young Leaders Development Program gives you the option to choose which Section you would like to become a Leader in. The Section you choose will determine the type of training you will be required to complete.

To become an Adventurous Activity Leader, you will be required to complete either the Scout or Venturer Basic training.


Step 3: Decide on your Journey

After selecting the type of Section Leader, you would like to become, you will need to decide whether you would be interested in completing any of the accredited qualifications.

Certificate of Adult Leadership (CoAL)

All participants will be able to achieve a Certificate of Adult Leadership by successfully completing online e-Learning modules, residential weekends and In-Service training.

Certificate III in Business

Participants who would like to attain a nationally recognised accredited Certificate III in Business are eligible to attain this qualification through via Recognition of Prior Learning.

Certificate II in Outdoor Recreation

Participants can enrol to undertake the Certificate II in Outdoor Recreation qualification in their choice of specific Adventurous Activity in a range of areas, including Bush-walking, Water activities, Alpine Activities, Rock and more. This level of training suits you if you have a serious interest or experience in one or more of the activities. Parts of this Certificate can be obtained through Recognition of Prior Learning.