Leadership starts with YOU!

Do you want to be a leader in Scouting and your community?
Do you want to develop your understanding of yourself?
Do you want to make new friends and have a fun-filled weekend with Scouts, Venturers and Rovers just like you?

Well, the YOU course is for you!

At the NSW You Course, you will spend the weekend beginning to understand yourself and the way you work within a team. Once the weekend is over, you will feel more comfortable as a team member and leader within any team (in Scouts and in your community).

We aim to encourage youth members to better understand themselves in order for them to be a successful leader within Scouting and their community.

Registrations Now Open!

We are excited to be holding two YOU Courses in NSW for 2020.

    • Cataract Scout Park: 3-5 April 2020
    • Glenrock Scout Camp: 17-19 April 2020

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The YOU program has been rolled out across NSW. View the map below to see how far the program has reached!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • New friends from around NSW
  • An exciting, hands on program (with no PowerPoint presentations!)
  • Lots of opportunities to push your comfort zone (only if you choose)
  • Games, great food and company
  • Venturers, Rovers and young leader facilitators
  • Further opportunities for leadership after the course (and more friends from around Australia)
  • Laughter – How it makes a difference and creates a positive climate
  • Self talk – Developing a growth mindset
  • Gratitude – How gratitude builds happiness and success
  • Listening – The skills to be an active and attentive listener
  • Fear – How to challenge your fears and the impact fear has on our life choices

If you want to further develop your leadership skills, why not apply for the National LEAD program! Once you have participated in the YOU Course, you can apply to spend a week in South Australia with Scouts, Venturers and Rovers from around Australia, learning and developing your leadership skills. After the LEAD course, you will get the chance to become an alumni member and gain even more opportunities for leadership in your community, state and nationally.

If you aren’t keen on further leadership training or experience, no worries! The skills you learn in a YOU course are for life and can help you work with any team, whether you are a leader or a team member. You have also now gained friends and fellow scouts around NSW who would love to hear about what you do in your home town.

Head to our Events Calendar and search ‘YOU’ to find a YOU Course close to you. Due to budget and facilitator restrictions, we can only offer two courses per year. If you are rural or have a long way to travel to both courses, send us a message. We will see what we can do.

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