You’re invited to Summit ’17!


Over the past few weeks we’ve been working with your Scouting colleagues from across the state to make sure our SUMMIT ’17 agenda provides you with the most value we can offer in a professional development weekend. We’ve also worked hard to make SUMMIT ’17 affordable for everybody.

Now we’re ready for you to formally register and choose the sessions you want to attend and which meet your learning and development needs.

Below is the link you’ll need to use to register but please read the information in this email before you proceed with your registration.

Who can attend SUMMIT ’17?

This professional development weekend has been developed for Group Leaders and, Leaders-In-Charge, and for District Commissioners with a responsibility for the GL and LIC cohort in their District.


You will see from the agenda – click here for Wagga Wagga and click here for Pennant Hills – that SUMMIT ’17 is not a ‘talk fest’ and it’s not two days of updates. At SUMMIT ’17 you will:

  • Hear from subject matter experts
  • Create a network with your peers from across your Region and across the state
  • Learn new skills or refresh your skills as a GL or LIC
  • Identify ways to promote your Group
  • Start developing your plan for growing your Group and addressing retention

While some sessions are for everybody, you get to choose from other sessions so that your SUMMIT ’17 experience suits you and your particular requirements.

SUMMIT ’17 begins on the Friday evening so please make arrangements to arrive on the Friday. You are invited to bring wine or your preferred ‘networking drink’ for the welcome/networking event on the Friday night.


The cost to attend SUMMIT ’17 is only $30 per person. We’ve managed to keep the cost to a minimum by leveraging the Benjamin Perry Thompson Bequest and other funding. We’ve done this because GL and LIC training and development is often overlooked but is as important as training for other adult leaders.

If your home Group is in a country area, your transport costs to attend SUMMIT ’17 will be funded by the Benjamin Perry Thompson Bequest. Speak with your Region Office if you are not sure whether your Group is considered a country or a city Group.


On your registration page, you’ll be asked how you anticipate travelling to SUMMIT ’17.

If your travel distance is lengthy, you may wish to fly to your preferred SUMMIT ’17 location to ensure you arrive on the Friday night. Country GLs and LICs will be entitled to have airfares covered by the Benjamin Perry Thompson Bequest. Please do not book flights; these will be booked through the State Office.

If you are travelling by car, consider car-pooling with colleagues from your District or Region, or with Leaders who are keen to share transport. Country leaders will be entitled to claim fuel expenses from the Benjamin Perry Thompson Bequest.

If you anticipate any difficulties with transport, please speak with your District Commissioner or contact Dean Bassett, State Commissioner (Group Support Strategies) on


At SUMMIT ’17 at Camp Kurrajong just outside Wagga Wagga, you may want to use the bunk bed accommodation or you may prefer to use the camping / caravan space. Please indicate your preference when you register.

If you are planning to camp or caravan at Camp Kurrajong, you are welcome to extend your stay and enjoy additional nights in Wagga Wagga.

At SUMMIT ’17 at the Baden-Powell Centre in Pennant Hills, attendees not based in the greater Sydney basin have priority access to bunk bed accommodation. Attendees who live in Sydney will be offered accommodation at the Centre if it is available after we have assigned bunks to GLs and LICs from out of town. Please indicate when you register if you are a Sydney-based leader and would prefer to stay at the Centre and use the bunk accommodation.


The link below will allow you to:

  • Select whether you are attending SUMMIT ’17 in Wagga Wagga on 6-8 October or in Pennant Hills on 3-5 November
  • Register your personal details, home Group and any special requirements
  • Select your choice of simultaneous sessions you wish to attend on the Saturday
  • Indicate your travel preference
  • Indicate your accommodation preference
  • Pay the $30 registration fee using a credit card
  • Indicate whether you are willing to be part of a car pooling arrangement
  • Indicate if you have any other special requirements



Note: If you have used this registration portal before – for Jamboree or Cuboree – you can use your current login details; if you have never used this system, you’ll need to create a username and password.



What is SUMMIT ’17?

SUMMIT ’17 is a professional development event for Leaders who hold the responsibility of managing a Group. It is a weekend dedicated to informing, enabling and empowering Group Leaders and Leaders-In-Charge so they are more confident and better able to address growth targets through retention and recruitment.

SUMMIT ’17 will provide you the opportunity to:

  • hear from subject matter experts in the ‘best practice’ showcase
  • learn new skills in social media, managing change and securing media space
  • workshop complex issues that frustrate Group Leaders
  • discuss the most challenging situations with your peers and create the solutions we should roll out in NSW
  • make decisions and recommendations that will be taken to the State level for consideration and adoption
  • meet your peers from across the state
  • have fun and try something new in a safe environment

SUMMIT ’17 will allow you to ‘create your own adventure’ so that you can benefit most from this development, training and personal growth environment.

There will be special guest speakers at the event to share their own leadership stories with you. The Hon Michael Baden Powell, grandson of our Founder, Lord Baden Powell, will be our Friday night guest speaker, and is happy to autograph any Scout books you bring along. On Saturday night, we will be joined by another high profile national identity.

When and where is SUMMIT ’17?

Scouting does not stop at the Great Dividing Range. Our 415 Groups operate at all points of the compass in our state. Accordingly, we have decided that two separate events – both with the same agenda – will be held so that as many of our Group Leaders and Leaders-In-Charge are able to attend.

The first SUMMIT ’17 will be held at Camp Kurrajong in Wagga Wagga on the weekend of 7-8 October, with attendees arriving from Friday 6 October. Accommodation will be provided for the first 100 registrants. Those not ‘bunking’ will be able to use the camping space on the site.

Our second SUMMIT ’17 will be held on the weekend of 4-5 November at the Baden-Powell Scout Centre in Pennant Hills, again with attendees arriving from Friday afternoon. This location can fit 120 visitors to Sydney. Group Leaders and Leaders-=In-Charge who live locally may prefer to sleep in their own beds but will be included in the events starting from breakfast on Saturday and through until lunch on Sunday.

Which SUMMIT ’17 will you attend?

You get to choose which weekend will best suit you. You might live in Cherrybrook or Armidale and want to go to the Wagga Wagga weekend. Or you might come from Dubbo or Murwillumbah and the Pennant Hills date better fits in with your calendar. The choice is yours. And the sooner you register your attendance, the more likely you are to get your preference.

What about transport?

I acknowledge that a weekend at a location possibly many hundreds of kilometres away is neither an easy or inexpensive thing. We are lucky that we can request financial assistance through the Benjamin Perry Thomson Bequest which provides funds “to assist with the training of leaders in or for rural areas in New South Wales”. We are also working to secure a grant to keep participant costs to an absolute minimum.

This being the case, our organising team is investigating a couple of transport options for those Leaders who would have a lengthy and tiring journey if they were driving to the weekend location.

How will I know what sessions I want to attend at SUMMIT ’17?

The proposed agenda is currently being developed and guest presenters and speakers confirmed. Saturday morning and afternoon and Sunday morning will each kick off with a plenary session on three different topics and will be followed by breakout sessions. And we will close on Sunday with a panel session.

In July, you will receive a copy of the proposed agenda so you can select the sessions you wish to attend.

So, what do you need to do?

  1. Check your calendar to see which weekend – 7-8 October or 4-5 November – best suits you, then add a ‘placeholder’ to secure that date
  2. Look out for the formal invitations which will be emailed to you and accept the one for your preferred location
  3. Keep an eye on your email inbox for the agenda so you can register for the sessions you wish to attend
  4. Start thinking about your transport options for travelling to your preferred location – more information will be shared with you about this

I acknowledge that this is a lot of information. We will be sharing more with you as we confirm details.

Your Regional Commissioners are aware of and support this professional development and training weekend and will be invited to attend, along with the District Commissioners from each Region, and some of our key people across the state.

Will it be all work?

The good news is that there will be time to relax and enjoy the weekend. There might even be some unexpected fun. But more about that closer to SUMMIT ’17.

Have a suggestion or want to ask a question?

If you have any suggestions you’d like to make for sessions, please send an email to Bel Francis, DCC (Growth Strategies and Group Support), and Dean Bassett, State Commissioner (Group Support Strategies), at

Yours in Scouting,

Neville Tomkins


Neville Tomkins OAM JP
Chief Commissioner
Scouts Australia (NSW Branch)

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