What’s the process for returning tickets and claiming our proceeds?

Ticket books, whether sold or unsold, are due back to Scouts Victoria no later than Friday 7 August 2020.

To return your Scout Group’s tickets, please follow the process below:

  1. Sort the books into three bundles of ‘Sold’, ‘Unsold’, and ‘Partial Sold’ ticket books.
  2. Complete the Ticket Return Summary (including Ticket Book Return List) and include the payment details. An electronic copy of this is also available from the Monster Raffle online portal after you log in.
  3. Pay the amount due for all the tickets sold. The Key Information Handbook in your raffle ticket pack will have more information on this.
  4. Return the sorted ticket books and Ticket Return Summary to the Victorian Scout Centre no later than Friday 7 August 2020.

Important notes

  • Please make sure you follow up on all your Scout Group’s tickets (i.e. discourage individuals from sending back their books directly to Scouts Victoria).
  • All ticket books (sold and unsold) must be returned whole and stapled together, the same as you receive them.
  • There must be no additional staples in the ticket butts and the books must NOT BE SEPARATED as this greatly slows down the processing time.
  • All tickets received after the draw – sold or unsold – have to be declared lost.
  • For those tickets that were sold but not returned in time to go into the draw, Scouts, Groups should make every effort to return the money to the ticket buyer.
  • Proceeds of raffle sales will only be credited when there is no outstanding tickets and no amount owing from your Group.
  • No cash returns will be accepted.

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